What is the best "chute blocker" for my Super Z 60" XR-7 deck?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by user5953, May 11, 2008.

  1. user5953

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    What is the best "chute blocker" for a Hustler Super Z w/XR-7 60" or 54" deck?

    I have looked at Trimmer trap's "blade blocker", Ez-chute, quickchute, etc....

    which one works the best with Hustlers?

    Also do these CLOGG the grass up under the deck? or are there any problems caused from using a chute blocker?
  2. gps_jetskier

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  3. TLS

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    The Powerchute OCDC is the way to go.

    They stop grass from exiting the side of the deck.

    Thats all I need it to do, and it does it very well.

    No problems caused from using it.
  4. blackandgold

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    PowerChute is from Iowa City Iowa. It basically uses a GM style Window Motor to raise the chute up and down. Looks and works great.
  5. user5953

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    I just ordered the "QwikChute" for my Hustler Super Z.

    The guy at Qwikchute was friendly and talked to me for a while about his product and just the lawn care business in general.

    He said that he originally designed the Qwikchute for Hustler mowers (because that's all he uses)

    REASONS I BOUGHT THE Qwikchute :

    1) each one is made specifically for the model and style deck you have. So there's no excess in the size of it ...and it looks more "streamlined" and has a more "custom" fit. (other chute blockers are a "one size fits all" design)

    2) not a big factor but... the COLOR scheme of Qwikchute matches my Hustler mowers.

    3) I also like the way the handle is adjustable.

    4) Speaking of the handle ....I would rather open/close the chute manually instead of relying on a motor that could possibly fail. Also, I have TOTAL CONTROL of the Qwikchute because: it can be opened/closed to several different positions ...OPENED all the way, HALF, 1/4, 1/8 or CLOSED.

    5) I don't have to drill ANY HOLES ....it attaches to the hinge that my chute flap/guard was attached to (another area where it was "custom" designed for MY mower)

    6) the Customer Service I received was way above the normal service you get in purchasing anything these days. You have to believe in your product to talk about it that much. Also, it helps me to believe they will stand behind their product IF theres a porblem in the future.

    7) They also did'nt "gouge" me on the shipping. They just charge the reg. shipping cost for an item that size.

    ( I hate when you buy something for what it seems is a good price, only to find when you go to order it they overcharge on the shipping to make up what they took off the price of the item).

    I placed my order today...so once I get it I'll let everyone know how is does.
  6. BryceBentleyLCS

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  7. user5953

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    Sorry it took me sooo long to let everyone know how it works.

    It works like a CHARM!!!

    If I have ANY complaints on it it would be:

    It feels like the handle is going to bend or break when you push or pull on the lever to open/close the chute.
    I have had NO problems with mine and I had it for at least two months now.

    So maybe it just feels that way.

    Anyway installation is a SNAP it took me about 5 minutes to install it.
    The handle took the longest time to install because of finding the right possitioning for ME.

    AWESOME PRODUCT overall. saves me MASSIVE time. I about to order another for my 54" hustler.
  8. genedarrell

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    Does this just allow you to blow off drives or does it do something else
  9. mowerconsultant

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    The chute they are talking about allows them to run it wide open with no restriction or to cut off the discharge all together.

  10. zeroturner

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    Spray some Fluid Film on the pivot points of the Qwikchute 2 or 3 times a year and it will open and close as smooth as silk. I have had one on my mower for over 5 years with zero problems. It is a great product.

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