What is the best city/state to start a lawn business?

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  1. I'm in Spokane and, honestly, the local market sucks. The unemployment rate is high so there's a lot of cut-throat competition (The response rate on a flyer that gets 1 call back out of 50 ads in other towns seems to only get 1 out of 200-300 here), the average income is relatively low and the mowing season is only 4-5 months long and the summers are mild (As we're so far north) so 'everyone' seems to love mowing their own lawn when I ask around. As far as I can tell, it seems to be non-ideal for a lawn care business.

    What places would it be best to grow a lawn-mowing business where the average going price is high, temperatures are hot so nobody loves mowing their own lawn, there's plenty of business and it's pretty much year round or nearly as year-round as possible? Thanks! I'm thinking somewhere in southern california, but it's kind of expensive to live there... I want to maximize my overall net income, which means minimizing my living expenses. However, if I could somehow operate from a trailer in someone's back-yard while also growing a thriving lawn business in a rich area where the going prices are fairly profitable, I'm not against the idea! I wouldn't mind living in a dump if it meant a net income greater than $100,000/year.
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    The Carolinas were the sht a few years ago...good prices..new homes...and customers that could easily afford the good prices. Not sure now though...any new, up and comming area will have high margins.
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    Here in Florida you'll see at least one lawn care truck go by while you're waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Florida is saturated with lawn services because the grass here grows likes crazy. Since there are so many lawn companies prices are very competitive so you have to mow tons of lawns to make a living
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    please don't come to Ohio we don't need any more competition :nono:
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    Tennessee is over run. It seems like I see a new guy everyday pulling a trailer with a mower on it.
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    Please come to Hawaii IF, you are not a mow and blow. No "landscapers" either, please. To many people here think they know how to mow and install landscapes. Not enough good people who do weed control, VM and fertilization.
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    Yeppers, stay out of Ohio.
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    Not here see one at every red light.
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    stay out of florida we don't want u here

    no, but seriously if you're not doing well with your lawn service where you are now then you'll have more problems if you move somewhere else because you'll have to start all over with zero customers and that is as dumb as it gets
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    Check out the area below Nashville, mainly Brentwood, Tn. I've been thinking of moving to that area, been there twice to scout the area out & liked what I saw, nice paved roads, traffic flowed smoothly, untold gated communities, Big homes with lots of acreage. The Walmart in Brentwood, has "valet" parking! I kid you not. see pic. I saw new $$$$ construction everywhere. Below are some pics I took while driving around south of Brentwood on the outskirts. I drove out in the county roads around Nolensville, Tn, and encountered huge mansions with 5+ acre front yards, rows of mansions. If there is/was a "recession" in the Brentwood area, I did not see it, I saw big $ everywhere. These are pics of a fairly new sub division below Brentwood.

    Let me offer you a word of warning here. Do not believe everyone here saying their area "sucks". It might suck and it might not! I was basically told the same thing by some of our LS members when I inquired about the Brentwood area:laugh: I saw the opposite when I visited Brentwood.

    If your thinking about relocating else where, do your own research, then go visit that area & get a feel for it.





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