What Is The Best Diamond Blade?

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What is the best diamond blade? The answer is, whatever diamond blade is best for your specific application. Seems vague, so I will be more specific here. I have sold our economy blades to big reputable companies, and they have loved them. On the flip side, I have sold our best blades to companies that don’t have a ton of education on the diamond blade manufacturing process, and the company told me they were junk. Then there are the customers that tell me, “All the guys beat on the blades, so it doesn’t matter which blades I get.” It can be a confusing purchase to make if you are not informed, so below, I will list the 3 things to look for the best sellers.
Diamond Content! Unfortunately, you have to trust whoever you are buying from to give you an accurate diamond content percentage. To make it easy, PRO blades or very high quality smaller diameter blades have high diamond content around 40% or higher. The Venom diamond blade is a good example of that. The Viper has mid level diamond content, around 30% and the Jester is lower level diamond content, 25% or so.
Price! You ever hear the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well, this is very true in the diamond blade world. If you pay $35 for a 14″ diamond blade, it probably is not the most reliable blade on the market. Of course just like anything else, you should do your due diligence on the dealer that you are working with, but for the most part, diamond blade pricing is pretty universal and has a level playing field.
Reviews! Look around for reviews, ask for referrals from your diamond blade dealer. You can read our facebook reviews, google reviews, and we provide testimonials from some of our biggest and best customers. How do you find the best tooth brush? Same way you find the best quality diamond blades. You ask your buddies or read reviews, that is definitely a good way to find reputable companies who sell good quality blades.