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What is the best electric hose reel?


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Washington State
I have been using cox hose reels for some time know and need to replace them. Never any major trouble gone through a couple motors and gears.

What reels do you use?

Does anyone use the remote control reels(Good/Bad)?

Where do you get them?


Young Bros

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Spirit Lake, IA
Our first truck had a hannay hand crank. We upgraded to hannay electric with 400' of orange hose for around $1,000-1100 i think. It works great. We then bought a 99 with 2 original hannay electric reels, they work great too. Its the only brand we buy.


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Been using Hannay since 1990 when Westheffer (Lawrence, KS) built our first spray rig. May have to replace the elctric motor every few years when they begin running slow. The solonoid or push button switch can also go bad after a few years. But for my money, they're the way to go.

p.s. The remote sucks. Tried it several years ago at a field day. Waste of money. They said we could reel in the hose when we were hundreds of feet away from the truck, but it made things worse. It created a tangled mess of hose on the reel.
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I will never buy another ele hose reel , it takes more effort to pull the hose off the ele cuss of the drag from the motor than it does to manually reel it up on a non ele one .

Understand ?
Reads confusing , I know