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What is the best leaf blower on the market today?

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Thank you :rolleyes:
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Echo's web site list the weight of the PB 650 as 24.2lbs. Red Max list the weight of the EB7001 as 21.1lbs. I believe that 3lbs is the difference. You can weigh them all day long and the numbers will still be the same.
Blaster 822

backpack blower i use shindaiwas EB 630.for wheeled unit billy goat 9 hp with robin/subaru engine
Originally posted by pinnacle
Whats the deal with Redmax and Shiny both making pretty much the same machines?
Does any one know the story here?
Shindiawa and Redmax did some kind of deal where one let the other use their sweeper design, in trade the other gets to use the blower design.

I own both Redmax, Shindiawa, and did have Sthil. The Shindiawa is my favorite by far, it's stronger (in my opinion) and easier to work. I HATE the stiff plastic throttle are on the Red Max.
I have a Redmax 7001, for arguements sake, if the Echo 750 had 25% more cfm, I still would not want one due to the problems I've had with my other Echo equipment. Nothing catastrophic, just little annoyances like hard to start, carb problems, leaking etc. Parts availability, service and reliability are factors to consider when making your decision as well.
$99 buys you a factory refurbished homelite Backpacker blower. It sure is not the most commercially suitable, but if you have a tight budget like me it is a good buy
$109 buys you a brand new homelite blower at I used it all summer long, worked graet for me.

But once the leaves fell I went out and bought a ECHO 650. Best investment yet, except for when I invest in myself:)

Those homelite blowers at Home Depot have a 2 year warranty, and one lasted me 3 years. That's $33 bucks per year for the blower.

Just sold two of them to my friend for $50 total when I bought this 650.
For some reason the carb problems that have plagued Echo & Stihl since the enviro-nut restrictions seem to be restricted to their stick units & not the blowers. Have not had any problems w/the 650 or 750 & the've both been put through the Grinder.
I like my Redmax alot. A little pricey, but it's paid for itself a few times now.payup payup
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