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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Masters, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Green Masters

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    I currently take care of about 12 accounts. I am looking to expand this year to about 20 or so. I have tried the door to door method and have seen pretty good success. What are some other good means of advertising?
  2. tobias

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    Don't fail to put several small ads in the service part of the classifieds of your local newspaper. Keep them running no matter what, change the wording every so often to adjust to the trends of the season (dry weather=more seasonal clean-up,thatch removal focus, wet weather=mow mow mow to stay on top of things) Design a flyer (4x6) and blanket your community with them: Go to grocery stores and get permission from the manager to put them on cars in the parking lot, tack a few flyers to the community services board in all grocery stores/laundromats/libraries/etc.
    If there is a particular section of town you are interested in, consider direct mailing (though this can get pricey) Never expect more than say 1 response out of a hundred and you won't get discouraged so easily. Always have a business card handy for when you are babbling about what you do.. hand anyone that will take one a card.
    Aside from these standard methods, the best possible advice I can give you is to check out a few books on marketing/advertising/small business operation from your local library and read them weekly. You will not only have access to a wealth of information and tactics compiled by persons whose sole profession is Strategic marketing, but the inspiring ideas, informative history with examples of success and failure and clever strategies will keep you motivated. Every day you should ask yourself "What have a I done to make money for my business today?" Just because the phone isn't ringing doesn't mean that there is no work. Research the market, check out (in the paper) how the competition is advertising and what they are advertising, design your flyers, make a plan of action and stick to it doggedly. Clean your tools, prepare your body, make call back phone calls to last seasons customers, all of the above is a form of and contributes to advertising.
    Advertising is one of the single most important necessities of running a business after all, what is the point in having a business/offering services if nobody knows that you do?

    - Tobias aka "Morning Thunder Lawn Service" NC
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    give incentives to current clients for referrals.....that is all I do besides the website and it works great. Of course you have to do good work for this to be effective.

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    Why is this in the pictures forum?
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    Bah humbug!
    What are you the lanwsite police?
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    You may get more replies in the "commercial lawn care" forum.
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    I wonder how many accounts he got... almost 10 years ago.

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