What is the best way to get new accounts?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jdwalker, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. jdwalker

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    I am new to the lawn bussiness. I started working with a freind this year, and now it looks like i will be taking over the bussiness for him very soon. While it sounds like a good idea, i'm not sure we have enough accounts to make a living servicing yards. We have made door hangers and have given out bussiness card and i even started mailing letters to homeowners whose yards need cutting. But we just haven't had a good response. What are some of the best way's you have gotten new accounts? I'll try almost anything to see what works. I would like to have around 40 to 50 yards to cut weekly. Right now we have 14. Help!!
  2. youngdude

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    Right here its to late to pick up any commerical accounts. Just stick with 14 get a job and if you do a good job with those 14 people will tell other people about your great service. I only wanted 14 lawns but now have 18, all from my costomers talking about my service.
  3. environment

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    well, your always going to gain a few hear and there if you do good work, my fathers business never advertised once whatsoever, no flyers, ho hangers, nothing, just word of mouth, he has about 85 accounts, all rather large, keeps him busy, personally i would want more, but he likes being comfortable, nothing wrong with that.

    I have a bit under you at this time, 11 to be exact, just started this season as well, but I also do designing and construction which is doing great so im not feeling the maintenance yet,

    this sunday i have an add going in the county newspaper, so im hoping that will work, i paid $350
    got 2 ads size 2x5 in the main section
    another 3x5 in the main
    and an entire page with before an after photos and a press release in there outdoor living section

    so 4 weeks worth of advertising for $350, i dont think that is to bad
  4. GeeVee

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    Word of mouth.

    Singly, the best way.
  5. snippy

    snippy LawnSite Member
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    " word of mouth "
    I hear this a lot but it's hard when you're starting out with zero customers.
  6. GeeVee

    GeeVee LawnSite Senior Member
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    Let me help. When you get your first one you clover leaf the surrounding properties every two weeks.

    Don't be shy, ask your current client to refer you to friends and neighbors.
  7. snippy

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    ps. I am off now to hang some more flyers on community notice boards at the shops and other community places I have had a couple of calls from these and did a job yesterday although it was a shocker, the front lawn was mowed all nice and neat but the back lawn was an overgrown jungle complete with dog **** and half a ton of other rubbish, so I figured no one else in their right mind would touch it, but along comes muggins, oh well it's an education alright, I'm learning the hard way.

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