What is the best way to manage my lawn edge?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NEwhere1, Aug 16, 2012.

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    So prior to re-doing the back yard, i had been using these small rocks (15-40lbs.) to outline a couple of beds. We liked the look and decided to buy some more to separate the new lawn from the pine straw.

    Ultimately i would like to set the rocks half way in the dirt, but that will be a lot of work and done over time.

    So for the past few months i've been using my large riding lawnmower and mowing as close to the rocks as I could. Then i would come back with the weed eater and trim right up to the rocks.

    Over time the bermuda started creeping into the beds and I broke out the roundup. I've learned that it doesn't kill the runners in one application, but over time i can kill them. I also learned that i don't really want to weedeat as much (linear feet) as would be required, so i decided to roundup the yard side of the rocks about 3-4" worth.

    Since i've gotten the reel mower, i can now mow pretty close to the rocks 1-2" and I can either weed eat right up to rocks, spray to keep it clean, or edge.

    So the other night I edged the area, and then mowed again, turns out I could eliminate weedeating all together, and just edge, spray and mow.

    Will edging keep the bermuda contained? Or will it creep out under the depth of the edge cut?

    How would you all maintain this situation? What would look the best?




    I still need to get a couple more pallets of these stones to finish out the yard, but i can only install so many at one time then my lower back hurts for a week, bend over pallet welded wire pick up stone, place in wheelbarrow, repeat 8 times, wheel wheel barrow to area, pick up stone again, place on ground, repeat 8 times, go back to pallet for 8 more....
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    I cant really give you an answer to your question but I will comment on the round up. Are you just getting a pump bottle of it at a time? If so just get the concentrate and mix it a bit heavier than the directions. Its way cheaper and stronger than the regular spray bottles that way.
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    I use a backpack sprayer and apply the Spectracide (sp) version of Roundup. I have been using a little stronger mix too....

    I'm just continuing as i have been, here are some updated pics of same area, grass is/has come back nicely....


    Already need to spray again, I didn't hit all last time i sprayed, need some more rocks too.


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