What is the best way you have found to pick up clients.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JShe8918, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. JShe8918

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    I have been in business for three years and have not ventured much into the advertising. I currently rely on word of mouth, trailer signs, company shirts, and newspaper ads. I have recently quit using newspaper ads because it doesn't seem to work to well. Maybe 2 new customers a year come from the news paper ads, and all of the rest come from word of mouth. What do you find cost effective and also see the best results from??? door hangers, flyers, postcards, going door to do, or just flat out networking with people. Thanks....
  2. barefootlawnsandlandscape

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    You said it, word of mouth!

    Second would be direct mail.
  3. allinearth

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    Do excellent work and do what you say you will every time. Then customers will come to you.
  4. White Gardens

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    Yard Signs I feel are the best. I always get at least 3-5 calls when people see my sign in a yard. It works great, because I've had a couple of those people say that they saw me working on a property, but didn't want to bother me while I was working. The sign gives them the info they need to call.

    I would love to do a billboard for about two months in the future.
  5. ARGOS

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    I have a ton of door hangers I only use as notes to customers (thought I would use them as advertising).

    Direct mail has worked well for me. The list is crucial.
  6. jaybird24

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    Word of mouth if your not into price shoppers running you around. Of course for the good looking ones a couple of drinks over a nice meal usually hits paydirt.
  7. JShe8918

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    Yeah i am sure that will go over with them... except i am only 19 years of age. LoL. I currently service 27 accounts and would like to bump it up to 50-75. Preferably about 60 but a little extra never hurts... LoL.
  8. Dunlaps LawnCare

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    flyers work well

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