What is the best Z mower

Robert Burnham

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I have run walker mowers for nine years and am finding that as properties get bigger I need something faster and able to cut without bagging. I have tried side discharge decks for the walkers, but they leave visable windrows of grass, especially in thick damp grass or leaves. My question is what have you found to be the best Z mowers for cut and overall reliability? I am looking for a 52" Z, so whats the best, Scag Turf Tiger - BobcatZT-200 - Toro Z master - Exmark - etc.?


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Here we go again....check the search function so Eric won't have to delete all of Lazer's posts.


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Hey everybody! Let's take a vote - then recount them again!


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I was considering a walker. I admit it would be nice for bagging and for fall cleanups, but i am also bidding on cutting my neighbourhood park(10 acres) and one other common ground piece at about 15 acres. this might make me rethink


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Originally posted by Robert Burnham
My question is what have you found to be the best Z mowers for cut and overall reliability?
Have you seen the one they have at Sears? Well it's not that one for sure :D

Other than that advice...take your pick. You will get conflicting opinions about which is best. That tells you that there are many good machines on the market. If you want my opinion, I would say Exmark.

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I have a 52 Laser. Tried everything befor I bought a Exmark, now I would never change!!


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I had this question back in May, I went with a Dixie Chopper. I am convinced it was worth the extra money. I am very satisfied. The faster mowing speed will allow you to cut more grass per hour. The dependability and longevity makes it cheaper to own over the years. Time will tell. My second choice would be the Exmark in my area.


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Robert, Why do you want a 52", when there's 60" - 72" decks available?