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What is the difference between the leight weight model and the regular

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Sep 30, 2008.

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    We have one 338 where I work and it seems to be alright. Everyone uses the 200s though. I had a 335 back in the day and promised myself I would never buy a husky climbing saw again. They had great power, not as balanced as the 200 but not bad and they went through the tree better. But the big defect . . . THEY DIDNT OIL. I sent mine in to get fixed came back guess what . . . IT STILL DIDNT OIL. 200 is in the budget for me next year. I would rather wait and buy a good saw then suffer because I have a crappy one (which I am doing now). But its all ok I didnt buy it.
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    I have been a loyal Stihl user for 20years and although i had a couple of really old husky's (backups) i really did not like husky's at all, however over the years i have found stihls are great until they start to go wrong - once they have been in the shop for repair they never seem to be the same - last year i had a big fall out with our local dealer and the stihl agent over two of my 088's blowing the pistons and barrels and at $1400 per saw per repair (5times!!!!) i was getting sick of it. I stuck my neck on the line and changed my entire saw stock over to husky's:confused: although through first use they didnt seem as robust as a stihl now the engines have bedded in they seem to have lots more power. The 338xpt brand new edition is balanced far better than the ms200 as both fuel and oil are at the front of the saw. The other bonus so far is that whatever has broken has been replaced from husky free of charge:dancing: only time will tell wether i made the right choice - anyways the crews dont know i kept all the old stihl saws just incase!!!!:laugh: I think all saws are a personal choice - get feedback from your staff see what they prefer too.

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    Hi Treevet, we have to rely heavilly on the 88's for section felling/ blocking down large timber - it is pretty full on using this saw at 70' with a 72" bar!!! As i said i have been a true loyal Stihl user for many years now and the problem is quite common in these models of a certain age here in the UK. The problem lies with stihl UK - they recalled some but not all and although the acknowledge the saws have this problem they will not rectify it. As the repair cost were so high i approached stihl and qualified for thier in-house course for the 88's so the repairs can be done at our own depot. Since we have carried our own installation we have had no problems. We spend alot of money with Stihl year after year and i thought thier attitude was all wrong, thats what made me change. We are a medium size company again working for very high end including the Royal Crown and if any of my guys treated any of the equipment badly they would be out like lightening!!! I run a very tight ship, the guys get paid very well and get well looked after, in return they treat this company with the greatest respect.
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    Thankyou,:clapping: it is nice to join in with issues with you all, it is always dificult when your in another country! I just think it is good for all to find out how things differ, practices, theories and safety issues (i havent even began with that yet!!!)
    I am fourtunate of being able to be in the US two to three times a year and hook up with various tree guys and get as much info as i can and likewise give it back!
    It is funny how both UK & US are advanced in some areas and way behind in others, i do find it a great bonus to learn (as you never stop!) from as many different sources as possible and in turn give it back.:dancing:
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    I hear yer dont matter how long in the business you never stop learning - that is what i think makes the arb world unique.
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    First post on the sight.

    I had a 330T...STAY AWAY is all the advice i have.

    I know a couple guys who love the 360T but i haven't met anyone to like the 330. Power of it, weight of the saw.

    Nicest climbing saw I have ever used is a 200T.
    I use a 192 with a 14'' I like it a lot. When gets into a bigger wood haul up the 260 pro with either a 16'' or a 20'' bar on it. Anything bigger than that gets the 441. Wish i had a 660 sometimes but that is another story.

    To answer your question, you said you have the money go big if you getting back into this full time. Chain saws are a long term investment and not always easy to sell and can be hard to get that return when you sell it.

    I would suggest going the 200T taking it easy for a while and then go for it.

    Just a suggestion, and your situation

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    + 2.........

    Had a three hour conversation with a friend and another company owner in town exactly about this subject. We are all in this tree care/service industry together and we need to help each other out.

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