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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by grasswhacker, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. grasswhacker

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    Is there a difference between operating weight and actual weight on heavy equipment.
    My understanding is the operating wt. would be the wt. of the machine with a load.
    Is this right or wrong?
    Say a NH skid has an operating wt. of 4800-5k lbs. Load cap. 1500-1700 lbs. What is the actual weight of the skid for hauling purposes? TIA
  2. farmboy555

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    Actual weight ! Well it's just that and to get a true weight you need to weight your machine. When you do note how much fuel is in the tank, What kind of attachment is on it, as in my case most of the time how much MUD is stuck to it. first chance you get stop and get it weighed with the equipment you normally haul with it. Merry Christmas dennis
  3. mow king

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    Operating weight includes a certain amount of fuel, a standard bucket, and the rest of the fluids and possibly an operator but I'm not sure.
  4. Tigerotor77W

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    mow king has it... per SAE J1234, machine operating conditions (for the operating weight measurement):

    "Operating performance measurements shall be made with the base machine and its equipment, without payload, with full fuel, lubricating, cooling and hydraulic systems, and with a 75 kg (175 lb) operator."

    For trailering, you may as well use this weight (at least in my assumption?).
  5. iowacatman

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    Basically, you are all right. SAE weight will set a bench which you can compare. Actual weight will vary, put it on your trailer and weigh it.

    In your example, the NH SAE weight is 4,800 #'s (see tigerotor77w's post for explanation), the actual weight will be close to this depending on options accessories fuel and yes dirt in the tracks.
  6. grasswhacker

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    Thanks fellas! Merry Christmas.
  7. skidmaster

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    Is this a religous site or a landscaping site?
  8. crab

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    get used to it skid master,remember to each there own.

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