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What is the difference?


LawnSite Senior Member
So. New England
I believe that they are one in the same. Just a different name. It probably depends on what each particular manufacturer choses to call it.


LawnSite Senior Member
so if I have a lawn that needs dead grass/lots of leaves raked, can I use the dethatcher or do you still need to do some by hand?


LawnSite Silver Member
Excuse me, I believe a dethatcher has the tines, like a hay rake, and a power rake has an engine that runs eliptical moving tines, and actually gets down to dirt. A dethatcher is passive, and just loosens the thatch, which I just mulch again with gator blades, but instead of being a solid mat, it is now a loose (goose down type loose) layer, instead of the intertwined mat it once was. I truely believe in leaving all the by-products of the grass we mow on the yard to return as much to mother nature as possible.

I use a dethatcher to just loosen the matted layer, so the spring application of fertilizer gets to the soil layer better

Thanks Brad