What is the easiest way to unload a pickup truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nokomower, Dec 22, 2002.

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    I have a 92 Dodge 150 p/u V6 with a bed liner. I am intrested in finding something to help unload yard waste. I have seen in some magazines a add on dump bed kit and I have also seen the cargo unloaders that roll out the load. I unload alot of palm fronds, I average about 1700lbs of yard waste. Has anyone found anything that works to make the trip to the dump any easier and faster. ::help:
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    A slide in electric lift dumper would work well. The over the cab protector shield is nice to have. This could cost as much as $2500.00 installed if new. Used ones can be found for about $1200.00. A cheaper alternative is to stand a spare tire in the bed behind the cab. Have a chain attached to the center of the tire. The chain must be long enough to extend out of the bed and be locked around a tree or post. Then drive forward pulling most every thing out of the truck. You will need a rake to finish the clean out. Not a bad way to go.

    You might also do a search. Many discussions on this topic have been seen here on Lawnsite.

    Hows the weather there in Florida? Cold here in Cleveland!

    Go Gators!
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    I've seen the EZ Dump inserts advertised for as low as $1895 installed.

    But I have a question, is the Dodge 150 you mentioned a half ton (an older model of a 1500 series?)?. If so, I don't think the EZ Dump is for you. I think it weighs like 700 lbs alone. Add 1700lbs of debris and you're gonna break your truck!

    Considered a heavier duty truck? If you do go for a heavier duty truck, some of the dump options are:

    EZ-Dump inserts
    Maxi-Dump inserts
    Little Tipster inserts
    TruckCraft inserts
    LoadHog (it's an airbag that raises your stock bed to dump)

    and probably a couple others I've forgotten.
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    Get a big tarp (8X10) before you dump anything in the bed hook the edges of the tarp to the sides of the bed or tuck the back corners in the tailgate and the front corners in the toolboxlic (if you have one) When your ready to dump -- un hook the tarp, pull it back a little so the edge is at the back of the gate, climb in and grab the FRONT corners of the tarp and pull like he** The whole load just rolls right out.

    Remember to layer more tarps in the load if you have a lot to haul. Ive been doing this for a few years now. It's fast, cheap, and easy:D

    Sorry I don't have any pictures
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    I always used a pitch fork.
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    Hey nokomower we aren't that far apart. In fact used to do alot of work in Venice area. Plantation, Jacarranda, Venice Island, etc. Here is the easiest way I found for a pick-up with out costing you much money.

    1. Get a 10x12 tarp, put about 1/3 on the bed the rest on thop of cab for cover.

    2. Get a 4 prong pitch fork heat each prong and then bend them over about 8 inches at a 90 degree angle.

    When you get to dump you can pull a bunch out at a time. When you get to wear you see the bottom of the tarp on your bed then you should be able to pull the rest out. Takes me about five minutes or so, sometimes 10. But let me warn you coconuts are a *****! The pitchfork keeps getting stuck! So you have to watch them bad boys.
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    What is the easiest way to unload a pickup truck

    44 mag :blob4: :D :blob4:
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    How much weight have you been able to handle that way?
  10. PaulJ

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    I can't say in pounds about wieght, but this fall I had a pretty big load.
    I Power raked and dethatched my parents lawn as part of renovating, because they lost a large area from drought.
    I bagged the debris with my mower and it had a lot of dirt in it also.

    With two or three tarps layered I had my pickup pilled high till it was spilling over the edges. and even had a tarp full on the trailer.

    It all came off pretty slick but I had my brother helping me pull the tarps.

    In heavy growing times I might fill the pickup bed level layering two tarps and be able to pull it off myself. The trick is to not let any one layer get too heavy to pull of yourself.

    I might have some left to sweep or blow out but it sure beats scooping or raking the whole thing.:D

    I might try to get a series of pics unloading this spring so I can explain it better.

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