What is the easiest way to unload a pickup truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nokomower, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    The easiest way to unload your truck is hire somebody to shovel the muck out while you stand there and watch :laugh:

    I don't really believe in the the thing that you lay in your bed and it rolles up on the roller thing that attaches to your tailgate using tarps is just as easy and cheap.

    The best option is have a full out dump box but thats expensive and a tad too heavy for a 1/2 ton truck you could always buy one of these boxes www.normarindustries.com (look under heavyduty p/u boxes) You make one dump you got a good box that dumps and looks half decent on a srw p/u truck.
  2. dhicks

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    Personally, I like to drive 'em over the West Virginia stateline and leave 'em on a countryl road. Work's for me. :D
  3. GreginAlaska

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    Put a tarp in the back of the truck before loading. go to site and stop about 2 or 300 feet from where you want the stuff dumped. open tailgate. get in truck and floorboard it in reverse. stomp on brakes about 30 or 40 feet from site. it'll be unloaded.


    I've actually done that a couple of times.
  4. HOMER

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    Any good ideas on how to unload an 18 ft trailer full of junk?

    Backing up ain't gonna do.
  5. PaulJ

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    What I've found out about using tarps under the load is you aren't limited as much as you would think to the size of the load.

    Just use more tarps and layer them in the load. Just don't load any single tarp more than you or you and your helper can pull/roll off.
    Another nice thing about the tarps is they don't have to be on the truck when you load them. I can dump the grass on a tarp in the back yard and when done drag it to the truck, grab all four corners, and throw it on the truck. Often this is how I will start the next layer.

    One area that this doesn't work well is with tree limbs and brush. But thats another situation.

    I have done this with mulch and it worked pretty well.

    I agree with those that say a dump bed is best, but This is alot cheaper and almost as fast for me.

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