what is the fastest way to do leaf removal?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by emt144, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Hi, Im kinda new to this and just have a question. What is the fastest way to do leaf removal? Im doing a job for someone who has about 1/2 acre lot in the city with a chain link fence all the way around it. there are leaves piled up against the fence on BOTH sides. So, my question would be, other than just blowing raking and bagging by hand, what would be the most fastest and most efficient way to get this job done quickly?

    Thank You
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    Run over them with a ZTR or walkbehind and keep blowing them toward the center of the yard. They should cut up real good. Once leaves are toward the center then close the open chute area if you can to mulch as much as you can. I then run over the mulched leaves with a 21" mower with a bagger to pick up the mulched leaves.

    Once I have most of the leaves picked up I then start blowing the remaining leaves away from the center of the yard to spread the fine crumbled leaves over the lawn. The main thing is don't leave a bunch of fine mulched leaves covering to much of one area in the lawn where it starts killing the grass from matting the grass down.

    Just explain to the customer that you will do it this way so they are not thinking you pick up all the leaves up and haul them away. If the grass is fairly thin them yes you will see the mulched leaves but it should be okay as good mulched leaves. You will only pick up maybe one trash bag of leaves doing it this way versus a whole trailer of leaves.
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    I forgot about the chain link fence. Just go on the other side of the fence into the neighbors property and start blowing the leaves away from the fence towards the customers property. Do it just enough to so it is away from the fence and the mower can then mulch/blow it towards the center of the yard.
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    I use ground blowers and backpacks ,depending on lot size.I also bought a truckloader
    a couple years ago so i can haul them away in a dump truck-it works good.

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