What Is The Minimum You Bid ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RNSO421, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. RNSO421

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    I am new to the mowing business. I am a Sheriff Officer and am starting my business to help put 3 kids through collage. The biggest problem I have is how to bid a job without trying to underbid every full time company but still get enough work to make it worth my time. I've been told by some local landscapers that they don't even unload there equipment for less then $25.00 or $30.00. Is there a good per hour price to go by for mowing,edging and blowing the drive and sidewalk off?
  2. packerbacker

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    Can i ask what part of KS your in?
  3. RNSO421

    RNSO421 LawnSite Member
    from KANSAS
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  4. packerbacker

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    Im not sure about Hutch but i can tell you 90% of the companies around here in KC charge $30.00 minimum. I have one yard that is $25.00 and its because they have no backyard. Other then that its $30.00 and above.
  5. work_it

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    I can only speak for myself since prices vary from area to area. My minimum went from $30/wk to $33/wk early last season just to compensate for the price of gas, equipment, and parts going up. I've found that most people understand the price going up to compensate for the economy, and the ones who want to get it cheeper aren't worth my time anyway.

    Keep doing what you're doing by trying to figure out what your market will bear and know your numbers. It's impossible to stay in any business for any length of time if you don't know your expenses.
    You also need to put together a good business plan which will help guide you in future decisions (purchases, advertizing, etc...).
    Obtain a business license and insurance.
    Put together a budget and stick to it as close as possible.

    Those are a few steps that will help you get a start. There's also a plethora of information on these subjects in the business section. Good luck.
  6. DLS1

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    I had a few last year the were $25 but I am sending out a price increase letter this week and my new minimum is $30.

    I am not sure if you can by with $30 minimum in a small town but try not to go below $25 minimum. You will be surprised how expenses will add up.

    Do you have equipment picked out you want to use?
  7. packerbacker

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    Thats a good idea , i know guys around here with a 35 minimum and they are still racking up the customers!
  8. TClawn

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    I have a $25 dollar minimum. but I can only speak for my area. you need to figure out how much it is costing you to do business per hour and then add your hourly wage on top of it.

    make sure that you don't over extend your property size for the size of your mower (I.E. don't go bidding anything over 20,000 sqft if you only have a 21".) find a nitch market and establish your self there. I make all my income off of small residentials and use a 36" and 21" to do it. remember, keep your route tight, you don't get paid for sitting in a truck.
  9. Pecker

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    I don't drop the gate for less than $20. That will likely change to $25 for '05.
  10. lawncare3

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    I charge $20-25 min. That is because that is what the market is willing to bear. Most the guys here are zipperheads. They charge $12-15 a cut. So I think I am further ahead.

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