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    This might be a very broad question but what is the natural progression after one takes their basic ornamental and turf grass managment test?

    I am only one person at this point and I don't want to try and do it all. Basically what I do is lawn care....but I would like to add some basic weeding and possibly fertilizer....but want to know what I am talking about and be licensed before doing so.

    Not sure if this thread makes and any sense but am a little lost at this point. A great deal to know....and not much information on the net about getting there. Again, not trying to be the next TRUE GREEN or what not. Just trying to add a few services and maybe keep growing....but doing so legally and with the proper knowledge.

    Any suggestions?
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    Florida Law chapter 482 requires 3 year working under a CPO before qualifying to even take the Commercial L&O test. Even then there is a less than 50% pass rate. So If you get to be a CPO you would have 3 years minimum experience and should know where to start. BTW college earned credits can reduce the required time working for a CPO to as low as one year.

    My suggestion is to hook up with a good small lawn spray company and network closely with them. You would be surprised what that networking can do for your business. It has worked for me as a CPO and it has worked very well for the LCOs that I network with. I am south of you too far to network with you, so I hold no economy interest in telling you this. Networking with other companies of all kinds is a hard bridge to cross for many. They some how don't see the idea of doing one thing well and leaving other work to other people. They feel they have to do it all and this is where they mess up because of either low margins because not having the right equipment or bad results from not doing the job right. Look at it this way. Would you climb a 100 ft tall Washington palm to trim it or call a tree expert? Chemicals are the same thing.
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    Hi Ric,

    I really appreciate the input. As you can see at the time of writing this...about 50 some people viewed this thread you nobody wanted to respond so I really appreciate the input.

    I am all about knowing my limits. I have a Masters as a Physical Therapist so don't know if those type of credits will help but again...I believe in those with more knowledge doing what they do best. It is impossible trying to grow as a business and trying to do it all.

    I have been trying to do what you said and network with a couple local pest. companys but when I call them on the phone...before they even know what I am asking...they seem to have this real redneck "Hey Bob...please hold....bobby is in the sh*tter...he will be here in a second" unprofessional business ethic from the get go so I don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

    Anyways, I thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Much appreciated.
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    to start, lawn care is classified as the fert and squirt end and lawn MAINTENANCE is the side you're on. I would start there!

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