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What is the right hight for grass


LawnSite Gold Member
Use the rule of thumb, never take off more than 1/3 of the height at one cutting. I &quot;top&quot; all of my lawns and rarely measure how tall it really is because I know there are benefits to leaving it tall. Cooler soil temps., shades the soil preventing weed growth, longer root system, stronger overall stand of turf. Books will give you recommended cutting heights and thats fine, but they tell me to mow bermuda at 1.0 to 1.5 inches!!! I don't think so, I'm not mowing twice a day at the golf course or baseball fields.<p> &quot;CUT IT HIGH AND LET IT LIE&quot;<p>HOMER


LawnSite Bronze Member
Ballard, I am in Virginia so I assume unless you are in the very south part of NC that we have very similar conditions. I always cut fescue at a higher setting than others. If you can cut it at least 3 1/2 inches and at 4&quot; if your customers don't complain. Some think they are being cheated and that you will have to come back every 3 days. But when they have the only green lawn in August your point will be proven.


LawnSite Member
The specified height for tall fescue is 1.5-3.0&quot;. I'm getting this from a book called Turfgrass Science and Managment.<br> I live in the pacific north west and I'm sorry if I left a customers(or for that matter any of my competition) left a clients lawn at 4&quot; I would not be working. I accept that this may be different in some of the transition areas (from warm to cold season grasses) but up here you would never be able to let that fly.<br> This is said in light of the fact that we are still able to water in the summer for two days of the week most years. I'm wondering what area's are you the people who are cutting at 4&quot; working.<br> Lance