What is the right thing to do ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tstrong, Nov 1, 2004.

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    I'm a homeowner in the DFW area and my house is on one acre so I've got some extra room. One day in March or early April a lco shows up at my place and asks if I would be interested in trading mowing my lawn for a place to store his trailer and equipment( just the area around the house, not the whole acre). I tell him if he mows the area around the house and a lot I have down the street then he can store his stuff at my place.He agrees to this and brings his stuff over. During the next coupla weeks he mows the area around the house twice and the lot once. Then nothing. I tried calling him (his number is on the side of the trailer ), but he doesn't answer. Last week I put a lock on his trailer cause I figure he owes me something for storing his stuff. A day or two later some of his stuff is gone. I tried calling some more, but still no answer. So what is the right thing to do ? Tom
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    So you went 6 months allowing him "free" storage of his equipment and got almost nothing in return? Would this guy service an account that long without getting paid? I'd say you're a very patient man & this guy took advantage of you. Since you only had a verbal agreement with him it's his word against yours as to who owes who, but you've got his trailer on YOUR property so I guess you've got something going for you. Maybe he's a member of this site and will see some replys and come around and do the right thing. Could it be possible that maybe something happened to him to prevent him from working? Maybe the equipment that's 'missing' has been in fact stolen? Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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    Consider yourself lucky to be rid of him!

    Be careful who you let on your property.

    Next time, try a pro...
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    chalk it up to the price of doing business, forget, and move foward. btw, there are certain laws that apply to people running a storage facility. are you within those giudelines? carrying the proper insurence? property zoned for commercial use? have a business license? tax i.d #?
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    Why don't you call the police and get them involved.
  6. JustMowIt

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    I would call an impound lot to pick the trailer up, and if he comes looking, tell him that he could not be found & he did not fulfill his commitment, so go pay the impound lot fee! This way the trailer is gone & he gets what he deserves!
  7. PR Fect

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    Who's ahead? Is the trailer worth more than the storage, or does he still owe? In Wisconsin their is ways to legally keep what is left on your property for more than 30 days with out your permission. Then sell it and forget it.
  8. lottlawncare

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    here's what you do....
    call his number from another phone line. Say you want an estimate at an address to a nearby house that's for sale and vacant. Make sure the house has a pool. Tell him you're the owner and want to spruce it up to get it to sell..big job,you know? Have him meet you for the estimate. Wear a disguise so he doesn't recognize you. Take him to the backyard and tell him that's where you want the bulk of the landscaping. As soon as you get him back there, have 10 or so midgets kick the living crap out of him. Then call a local call girl. a photographer, and a makeup artist. Tell the makeup artist to conceal the blood/bruises. Strip him butt naked, drag him poolside. Then have the call girl strip down and hop on top of him. Have the photographer take some pictures, making sure to look like they were taken in secret, but a private investigator or something. Now dress him back up in his old clothes, but take all of his company logos and watches off of him. Take him under a highway bridge somewhere and lay him down next to a grocery cart, some boxes, and a couple of beer cans. Dark sunglasses would also be a good touch. Now, while he's unconscious, nobody will mess with him, they'll just think he's a bum. He'll be too beaten to walk for a couple of days. When he does wake up, he won't know who did it, but if for some reason he finds you out, you have the nudie pictures to show his wife so he won't mess with you. Now, with his wallet and keys, go back to the house and get all his equipment. Sell it all, pocket the money. Use the money in his wallet, go buy you a couple of six packs, and enjoy sweet revenge! Hope that helps..have a nice day!
  9. Gravely_Man

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    If he is not responding to your calls I would get the police involved. They should be able to tell you what rights you have the trailer and the contents based on the equipment being abandon on your property.

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    dude you have way too much free time.

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