What is the story with Gator Blades

Tyler Nash

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Westerville, OH
Can someone explain how Gator Blades work. I know that they do not have a very high lift on them, so does it create enough wind and vaccum to throw the grass out of the chute far enough. Also, I know these are mulching blades too so is it sufficient to use them in everyday situations?<br>Thanks for the info.<br>Tyler


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My lazer came with the highlift blades. I use them for awhile but found they threw the grass too far. Beds, houses cars etc if you are not very careful nothing is safe. High lift blades are really only great for bagging and wet grass. They put a strain on the mower throwing the grass like that. NOw if you cut grass 3&quot; like some do on here you may need them too to lift the grass better. I cut grass low so I have switched back to gator and cut inward to chop up the clippings and I like the cut too. High grass is more easily cut. Test both of them yourself and compare on the type of yards you cut.

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