What is this ford f550 worth?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by treecare, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Or we could take the whole motor out the truck in less than an hour in the parking lot of station 61. Lol the good ole days.
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    its most likely worth around 12k. if it were a 7.3l it would be worth 15-17k all day.

    but with a 6.0l i would say no more than 12k. becasue its gonna need work. i would expect to put about 5-8k into the truck in the first year you own it. because it going to need injectors or new head bolts.

    injectors will cost about 3k for parts plus labor. unless you can do it yourself. but if you dont know diesel engines dont even attempt it.

    and headbolts plus head gasket job. i think they are going for like 5k. i could be wrong on that. i bet 9 out of 10 guys here with a 6 liter can tell you what it cost them. lol
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    If the battery runs down it will ruin the HPOP because they must get 48 volts at all times. That alone would make me leery since most of us never replace batteries until the day comes the truck won't start. You'd think there would be a warning light or something.

    I think for about $4000 (with labor) you can make the 6.0 an OK engine. This covers the head gaskets, head studs, EGR, divider for the engine/injector oil, oil cooler, programmer, and coolant filter. If the price is right it's worth it to roll the dice. My neighbor has a 6.0 in his F350 work truck with 300K on it but they had the HG blow out and warped heads before they did the delete.

    That F550 probably has something like 4.56 gears so the fuel millage is going to be pretty bad unless you guy a Gear Vendors overdrive and that will set you back another $4000 installed. You only want 4.56 gears if the truck will be constantly pulling at least 15K.
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    Maybe I'm not the brightest light bulb here; why wouldn't he have replaced all of them immediatly, and who took his pants down to do the work?

    If one goes, the rest are probably ready, same for glow plugs, change both sides at the same time.
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