What is this Hustler worth


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A dealer called me today and said he had a Hustler 25hp Kawasaki Engine 72' with less than 50 hours on it, he wanted me to come look at, he didnt say what they wanted for this mower so I am asking some of you what is it worth.

Thanks Tim


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/Is it new? Is it a Super Z or a regular Hustler? If it's a Super Z 7995.00 A Regular Hustler, 7,200.00 He gets a rebate check from Hustler, so he's going to make some money at those prices that I gave you.



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25 seems almost underpowered for a 72, IMO. I run a 60/25 Kawi V-twin (with a mulch kit) and it performs well, but I wouldn't want any less hp/blade ratio. i know this doesn't answer your question, but is something to consider when you are making a deal.


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Tim, I would not go near that machine, as a 25hp engine is underpowered for a 72" deck. It may work in light mowing, but anything thick will bog down the engine. My Kubota 28hp diesel is just right for a 72" deck. Also, some of the 32hp,(or thereabouts) gas engines should work good also. But, forget 25hp on a 72".:(


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Well I found out the deal on the Hustler, it is a Super Z model and a home owner has it and wants to sell it so the dealer is trying to help him out, the homeowner did say it was to much deck for the 25hp engine that is why he wants out of it, Price wise.......here we go......first I was told $6000.00 but come to find out the guy bought is on a 0% down 0% interest for 6 months....well the 6 months are up and he owes close to $8000.00, that for everyones opinion on this.