What is this? Looks like polyps but????


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What is this in the picures? I have never seen these before in my life. Looks like some little polyp type mushrooms and inside has some platlet like black seeds or similar. Is it bad for the turf. I haven't noticed any problems yet. How do I get rid of it?
Thanks in advance.

polyp 1.jpg

polyp 2.jpg

Kate Butler

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These are bird's nest fungi. Google 'em for controls. Generally an indicator of decomposing wood and/or leaves. Usually not harmful, just weird looking.


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Thanks Kate,
Learn something new every day. Googled some up and found a slew of info. Never any in turf mostly in bark or in nature around decomposing wood. Makes me wonder what is under the topsoil. It is a newer landscaping less than 8 months old.
Again thank you for enlighting me.