What is this mower worth?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheTurfTender, Feb 28, 2008.

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    John Deere M653 Zero Turn Mower with Hydrostatic Transmission, dual Fuel Tanks, Cup Holders, 1654 Hours Indicated, Mower Deck is 7 Iron Commercial, 54 inches Wide, rear Tires Good Rubber and Front worn But Holds Air, Has 674cc Kohler Engine (V Twin) Gas, Runs and Mows.

    ***** Looks very clean
  2. wildbilly1113

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    This mower is JD first mid-mount z-trak built after they bought out Great Dane. I bought one in 2000 and the 7 iron deck is well proven. It is still kicken as my house mower. I guessing that mower is worth 2000-2500. Hope that helps.
  3. mag360

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    We have the hustler twin from '04 and the spindles and hydros are bad. I'm guessing JD would have put their own spindle assemblies on the 7-iron (which we've had great performance from on a 757.

    How are the hydros on your machines? Ours will be very unresponsive and then jerk forward when you start to move and do the same thing when slowing down. They've been like this from 200 to 950 hrs and it has made the machine unsellable in my opinion.
  4. Landrus2

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    Those the mower use oil between changes.
  5. mag360

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    Edit----we have never owned a hustler, meant to type husqvarna----deere and husqvarna both rebranded the yazoo kees machines as their own for a while.

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