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What is this on 28 HP Kawasaki V-Twin?

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On my eXmark Lazer Z with the Kawasaki KAI FH770D 28 HP v-twin, there's a small round piece sticking up on the top left of the engine as you're looking at the engine standing at the rear of the mower. It almost looks as if it's a place to connect a maybe a vacuum hose - it's round with a hole in the center...but there's no hose there. There's a vacuum hose that goes from the center of the engine over to the right side of the carb, but this other piece protruding from the left side of the engine (appears to be part of the block or head) has me scratching my head. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something that fell off. Does yours have the same thing with nothing connected to it? I can take a photo of it later if you need to see it to understand what I'm talking about.
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Thanks. I put my finger over it when the engine was running and I didn't notice any suction or blowing so at that point (not being able to see directly down the hole) I assumed it was safe and not used for anything.

Main reason I asked is because when I bought this mower new last year, I just happened to notice the hose that runs between the carb and middle of the engine block (vacuum I assume) was disconnected at the carb. I caught it before I used the mower much. I assume dirt could have been sucked straight into the carb/engine if that was left off :( Anyway, just wanted to double check about that other part that looked like it might have had a hose.
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