What is this pest on boxwoods?


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Winston-Salem NC
That look's like salt to me. See how it has traveled to the edge of the leaf. In Savannah salt intrusion into the fresh water is a possibility. It take's a lot to kill a boxwood, salt would do it.


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Vancouver Canada
I've had Buxus sp. look that way up here. There have been a few reasons...weavils, broken branch, weed eater damage to the cambium, too much water...

Trim the dead branches off down low,and monitor it.

Is the hedge next to the driveway? A hot exhaust pipe can do damage that looks like that too.


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I have 5 plants still in nursery containers. I put 12 in the ground in October. They all look the same with the red in the leaves and the white on them. They are slowly declining. I was thinking some kind of blight or powdery mildew, but I'm still learning pest ID. I had a Euonymous with the same white stuff on the foliage, and I blasted it with a water hose and its still there but the plant looks completely healthy otherwise. Thanks for the responses.