What is this pest on boxwoods?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by HLM86, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I just heard about the boxwood blight earlier this month. A lot of wholesale growers are very concerned about this. There was a meeting in Baltimore in mid January and hundreds of growers attended. I did not attend. But from what I hear it has been found in 8 US states and Canada. Has been a problem in Europe also. I do know that many pathologists are working on this. I have heard much more just not sure what is accurate informantion at this point.
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    This would be my guess to from the photos provided...also to the OP that gold plant that is now showing symptoms - that is gold mound duranta.
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    Man, that is terrible. 30.000 boxwood's is no joke. And it's perfect fungus weather outside my door right now.
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    Yep, that's going to get your answer.

    Now, we've been experiencing the same type of conditions on most boxwood's locally.

    Only thing I can find is it's just generally evergreen decline especially if the soil stays wet and doesn't dry out. The term "Bronzing" of boxwoods has been thrown around by the Illinois extension offices.

    This winter I expected the boxwoods showing these symptoms to stay greener and healthier this winter but it's been exactly the opposite. The bronzing is still present in lots of landscapes.

    As for the residue. It's either powdery mildew like suggested before, or it's hard water stains on the leaf tissue from watering.

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    Check for mites.
    Check soil EC.
    Check irrigation water EC.
    Also check for Phytophthora root rot
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    I've had the same problem many times with all buxus, and not even the local nursery knows what it is. I stopped planting them all together...
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    Hey, I know that I'm a little late to give diagnosis. It is spider mite damage. Damage that probably happened in late summer/fall. Very common. Easy to treat.
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    I've noticed a problem with leaf miners on boxwood this year. Almost every property with boxwood I've been to in the last 2 weeks has them.

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