What is this Vine!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOOSE, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. MOOSE

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    What is this Vine and how can I get rid of it. It has been coming up every year for last 6 years but this year it's bad. I'm not licensed but would like to know how to get rid of it. I have used roundup but doesnt seem to work. Help!

  2. ArizPestWeed

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    Morning glory , bind weed , field weed I believe are 3 names for it .
    Could be wrong .
    24d kills it , glyfosate may and may not kill it
  3. teeca

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    2,4D and round up will kill it, i've found the only way for the chemicals to be effective when the vine is that large, is to cut it back as close to the root as possible and then use round up. the problem is that the vine is to extensive for the short lived round up to make it all the way to the roots, so you end up with about 4'-6' (if that) of the vine dead, then it just resumes growing. or just nuke the entire area with roud up and kill everything in the bed (last resort, but effective).
  4. ArizPestWeed

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    Teeca , come on , now , you could cut everything back except the vine and use 24d and let the ornamentals grow back !!
    Still I would not do even that .
    I probably would just keep it cut a ground level and explain to the client that may be the only way to control it .
    You could also paint the leaves that are close the the ornamental with 24d and spray the rest.
    It has very very long tap roots , I believe
  5. Kate Butler

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    If you have it in just the one place (as pictured) your most effective and quickest way will be to follow the vines back to the one or two main root areas and dig 'em out. Bindweed is VERY taprooted (like a carrot on steroids). That's why glyphosate takes multiple apps to get it gone - it has the root reserves to resprout - over and over again. You can dig it out in one or two shovelsfull and then just pull the vines away with your hands. The hardest part is getting it before it seeds down for next year. Although smaller ones (up to 2 feet) come out easily by hand, you must get all the root pieces to ensure that the "parent plants" don't return the following season. Often, the root pieces just look like stem underground until they meet up with the main root. It can be a foot underground, but is usually closer to the surface - depending on the age of the plant. Older plant = larget taproot = deeper in the ground.
  6. teeca

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    i would not nuke the entire area, but i have had customers request it when there are very few quality/mature ornamentals, mostly only on a new install.
  7. lordohturf

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    This one can be tough once it gets aggressive cover in the landscape.

    Post: Can be controlled over the top of yews with Lontrel. (by a seasoned,
    licensed professional)

    Pre: Snapshot is an effective Preemergent control before growing season.

    Pull: Sometimes you can remove most of the foilage by pulling and leave just enough above ground to spray with Roundup.
  8. kcchiefs58

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    Just for your information...Pre-emergents will not control field bindweed and I am pretty sure that it is not on the labels of such products including snapshot. This is an aggressive perennial with an extensive root system. You must be more aggressive than it is to get rid of it. There is no quick way in getting rid of this weed.
  9. kcchiefs58

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    Looking at the picture closely it resembles hedge bindweed which is a cousin to field bindweed but easier to control. My reason why I think it isn't field bindweed is as I look at the leaf and it has a v shape at the stem area, where as field bindweed is a little more oval and the leafs aren't as big.
    Anyway with good cultivation it is easily controled and not as an extensive root system.
    Just a guess though.
  10. MOOSE

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    Well we were there today to do some trimming and weed pulling. We pulled all the vine off the plants. Just before we left I mixed up some roundup but strong and sprayed the areas where it was coming out of the ground. I will be there Thrusday to mow and respray the spots again. We'll see if that works. I told my client it would be best to call her Fert company to handle this.

    Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread.

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