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    Weed started to be visible 4 weeks ago. It has grown to 12-18 inches in diameter. Only one single root and it is straight down deep. It is choking out a customers buffalo grass. He showed me huge areas that it was last year and buffalo grass did not recover. It has small purple-grayish flowers on the tip of stems. It grows out, not up. It looks just like dried rosemarry leaves used in cooking, just slightly smaller. No aroma to speak of.

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    Don't know off hand but I'm sure it would be hard to kill. No leaf surface to speak of and fur coating on stem. Ouch.
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    You're right I was saying rosemary before I read your question, I'll have to look this one up. I grew up in Colorado so I am kind of familiar with more arid plants, got me on that one tho

    What is the area like that the plant has such good success in, is the area marketedly different than others in the close vicinity?

    Is that were he goes in dark at night maybe, is the porch right under this area :laugh:

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    Soil suck's. It is mostly shale. With a 10" hard pan of solid shale. It is in full sun, no sprinkler system , it is about 2 1/2 acres of front lawn. I havent fertilized it since April. It was a liquid fert. so it's all long gone. All the bermuda grass on property is dried up havent had any rain, 1/2" wide cracks in soil everywhere. It is out in the open with nothing but a gravel road close. Property does sit on top of a hill.
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    See if THIS SITE helps. Being from Illinois it probably won't. Check out Kochia, Virginia peppergrass, asteraceae, which each have some similar charactheristics but have others different. It sure resembles lavender, tarragon, rosemary, but growth habit and flower color is off. Good luck. Where did the buchloe seed come from....maybe check that states weed sites.

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