What is this weed?

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SW Idaho
I think you've got a few different types of grassy weeds there. I see what looks like different seed heads but can't zoom in enough to make them out. I circled some, any chance you can get pics of them when it hasn't been mowed for a bit and they're mature?

It looks like smooth crabgrass, paspalum like bahia or dallisgrass, heck the seed head on the left looks like goosegrass maybe. Weed salad :/


Digitaria Sanguinalis

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Looks like Doveweed to me, with at least one goosegrass plant that's being crowded out by the aggressiveness of the Doveweed. The option below will achieve 75% control at best

Max rate of Blindside applied twice in a 21 day period


Max rate Speedzone applied twice in a 21 day period


Max rate Tribute Total applied twice in a 21 day period


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That’s Kikuyu. Hard to kill, many golf courses just live with it instead of trying to kill it. We have several patches on our fields and it just keeps coming back no matter what we do. I’m sure there’s a way but i haven’t gotten around to it.


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Looks like Doveweed, its not dallisgrass, the leaves are a little small and the growth habit is different.

Blindside, applied heavily, twice. I cannot definitely say its not smooth crab so I'd add a chemical containing Quinclorac, like Drive XLR8.
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