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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tdoeizreal, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Any idea


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    My guess in that orderThumbs Up
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    Is this a sod lawn?
    If so, my guess is necrotic ringspot. Fungus. Very difficult to control. Resod the area. This is simple and quick. Try to get sod from a better sod farm. Sod established from NRS resistant seed.

    If not sod, then--over seed with a top-quality mix with disease resistant perennial rye--or disease resistant bluegrass--or both.

    If the bluegrass seed does not say "necrotic ring spot resistant"--its not.
    Perennial ryegrass is not affected by this disease.
    It is possible to rake and overseed just the spots with perennial rye. This will not match exactly. Sow about triple the usual amount of seed to be sure it comes up thick.

    Of course there is a very tiny chance that this brown is the result of ice-melting salt on the sidewalk. There is a chance a chemical was used to kill the weeds in the rock mulch--and it ran downhill--if this were the case the flowers would also be dead.
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