what is up with my hustler?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kayakn, Jul 19, 2008.

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    i just got a new Hustler Fastrack super duty 42" last month. it had been starting fine until at about 8 hours i shut it off and went to turn it on again and the battery was completely dead. I called the dealer and they said that sometimes when the mower sits in the show room for so long the battery might need charged. so i charged it and it was working fine. I was using it the other day and it had about 10 hours on it and i shut it off and went to turn it back on and it was completely dead. I had to jump it with my other mower and take it home(i was in the neighborhood) I called the dealer and they said they will pick it up on monday. they said i can have a loaner and i will need a mower so i will ask for a loaner(the loaner is a 60"Hustler that goes 15mph!!!, mine goes 8!!!) what do you think is wrong with it???
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    Dead cell in the battery or you have a pinched wire that is shorting to ground.

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