what is up with these lawn mower blades ?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mowjoeman, May 16, 2004.

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    Besides buying one of those expensive machines that sharpen lawnmower blades, is there any other way besides the grinding wheel with a 6" or 8" stone and taking presious time until it's sharp enough only to have to change it the next day or so? and do it to 4 sets!! is there any neat tips to sharpening these blades? and at $20 some odd dollars a pair too!!! Thats another question i've been meaning to post, where can i buy blades cheap? for a 1995 toro 620 42" cut ztr, there's only 2 mulching blades Thank God! there's not three i'd have to raise the prices for cuts. Any infomation would be greatly apreciated. I learned real quick to respect and avoid those things that chip and ruin the blades? i thought i heard somewhere that you can buy these blades for just a few bucks a peice? The local dealers are getting rich at these prices ! i don't have any problems with anyone making a few dollars but whats the story with lawn mower blades atleast commercial blades ? if anyone knows where i can order blades at a resonable price please post this info - Thanks Joe

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