What is with Stihl's loss of compression issue?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by topsites, Apr 5, 2006.

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    My first weed-eater (an fs-85) lost all compression within a year. I thought, ok, so I got the odd lemon, figures...
    A comparable echo (the srm-260s) is still running now starting it's 4th season (thou it is getting harder to start but still).

    My part-time chainsaw (an 021 / now 210) which was used some but it's a part-time thing, cutting wood is a sideline... 4 years after I bought it, if I got a season's work done in that time, down to almost 90 psi and I had to buy another one.

    Has anyone else noticed this with Stihl stuff? The backpacks I've bought have never given me trouble (both stihls, one a br-420, the other a br-550). Yeah, it could be the fuel but the backpacks run on it and the echo does, too... So I dunno, maybe ...

    No problem out of the hedge trimmers. The edger is too new to tell but I don't want to think about this one.

    Just wondering ... I get tired of stuff crapping out right after the 'warranty' period (or the equivalent of one year's solid use).
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    you just got a few lemons. seldom do I hear of a Stihl doing that without good reason. possibly lean carb settings, but that wouldnt surprise me in the EPA world of today.

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