What is wrong with people?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walker/redmax, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I was just reading through some of the recent posts on Lawnsite and I am in shock at the way some people run their business. I really thought about it and I think the problem is this: after being in business for a long time some people start to become arrogant or short tempered and they think their business should revolve around them. Now before you read any further, think for a minute. "Do I think my business should revolve around me?" If the answer is yes, there is something wrong. It should revolve around your customers. It is mind blowing how some people fail to realize that without their customers, they wouldn't be in business. Or at least that is the message they send when they treat their customers like total dog $h!t. I just wanted to find out if anybody else feels this way or am I just crazy?:confused:
  2. JB1

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    maybe a better question is , do you run your business or does your business run you.
  3. WJW Lawn

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    Maybe its just "talk" Ya know?? I mean...heck..if I said some of the things that I think...Id be broke lol But I get what you're saying. I try and do everything to make my customers happy...as long as its reasonable and fair.
  4. mojob

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    It's funny you mention dog sh!t in your post. That's the first thread that came to mind about how some of us treat our customers. I'm talking about a guy that sent letters to his customers complaining about the dog crap in the yard. For what we get paid, I think we can deal with a little dog dooty and some of the other unpleasant stuff that comes with the job. We all have our pet peeves I guess. But yeah, you're right. The more customers we get the less valuable each one is to us. BTW, how do you like working in Fort Collins? Plenty of competition I bet.
  5. MJB

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    Have you ever left a job with dog crab all over your tires only to have to stop and scrape or wash it off, because the rest of your customers don't like dog crap in their yard, and they pay you to do whats best for them. The ones with crap all over have to pay extra or I let them go. Just fired a good paying customer for this reason. He had 1 little dog when I started, now he has 3 and they are going everywhere. The question is...How much crap can you take before you decide you need a new customer ???
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    I'm lost on what goes through peoples' minds?!?! When we go to do a lawn we want to leave it looking as well as we possibly can for both customer satisfaction and to reflect well on our company. For the most part we have people who are willing to work with us to achieve that goal. Then there's the few who fertilize and run their sprinklers 72 hours on one setting and then lie to us and say they barely water. The grass is 6-7 inches tall and flattened by the excessive watering. Or the ones who leave their water on until five minutes before we come to cut. We ask them to work with us and they refuse as if making it hard to do a good job gives them a strange thrill. These types of customers are few but they sure can spoil my day.
  7. Idealtim

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    The customer is always right, just like in any other bussiness. Now, that doesn't mean I let them walk all over me or don't have any rules....does this answer your question?
  8. MJB

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    I know they just don't understand or don't care. I have tried for yrs with some customers explaining that they need to stop watering 24 hrs before we arrive. But after letters and knocking on the door and explaining everything over and over. I decided fine I will mow and go if it looks crappy or gets ruts it's their problem I've warned them .
  9. mojob

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    I never said I liked dealing with the crap. My point was the way the guy handled his customers. He worded his letter in such a way that it offended some of his customers. That is the topic of this thread, How we treat our customers. My point was most of us take our customers for granted (to some extent) the more customers we have. I have a customer who has dogs and yes, the crap is a pain in the a$$. Next season he'll be paying more because of this or he'll get someone else to deal with it. In the mean time I'm going to treat him as if he was my only customer. That's just the way I roll, Dog.
  10. MJB

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    I didn't read his letter he sent out. I just sent a letter stating our policy as nicely as possible. He didn't take care of it for 3 weeks so we sent him a termination letter. He called practically begging us to come back, but we knew his kids would not do what we asked, so I said sorry I'm just to busy to stop and go thru this week after week. I felt bad because I liked him, but not his back yard. Maybe it's because my phone is always ringing and this allows me to be take the good and now after 15 yrs I have a No Pita policy. If times get rough I will start taking pitas back or find a new line of work. BUt we all have to take a stand or some customers will walk all over you.

    "Thats just the way I roll." You been listening to Colin Cowheard :laugh:

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