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What is your #1 "Z" tire choice?

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I have a lazer Z and have not been very happy with the tires. I now have about 500 hours on it and they still have good tread but are loosing traction. What tires are some of you running with good results?
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I have 20x10-10 Titan Multi Trac C/S tires on my Z. They have pretty good traction on dry turf, but otherwise they are lacking to a degree.

In my opinion the tread is just open enough and deep enough to pack full of grass when it wet. Then you have a good pair of slicks. Also if you have any bare spots here and there, you will find they are made for turf!

If that bare spot is on a pretty good slope....

Going up the tires dig.
Coming down the tires skid.
Going across the tires skid downward some and dig.
Turning...boy it hard not to dig.

All in all bare spots like that will continue to grow in size if you continue to cross them.

I'm thinking of picking up a set of Maxxis Pro Tech tires like are on Kubota Z's, or a set of bar tread tires, if I can find my size in them and a set of spare rims to mount them on.

A similar discussion was going on in a thread I think was called "Bar Tread" or something to do with BAR.
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Originally posted by LAWNGODFATHER
Carlisle Turf Savers would be my favorite.
Really? Turf Savers, the diamond-like tread tires like are on my Murray? If so, they must get a lot better traction with the additional weight of a Z.

I could be wrong but I still bet you meant to say Turf Masters.....

If not you should take a strong look at Kenda's version of the Turf Saver.
That says Multi-Trac C/S tires. They used to run Turf Masters. Both are the same tread pattern for the most part, but best I remember, the Turf Masters had a more open tread (more room between the lugs)
Here is a Turf Saver.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber
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This is a Turf Master.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread
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This is a Multi-Trac C/S

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bicycle tire Crankset Motor vehicle
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Oh and sombody really needs to teach me how to post multiple pictures at once.
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