What is your best investment?

Green Finger

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As the snow began to melt. I went out in my yard and opened the door to my new (used) enclosed trailer I got over the winter and all my large equipment was nice and dry.

I said to myself, "thank the Lord", this has been the best investment of last year. No more torn wet tarps, wind blowing them alway... ie dogs biting at them.

What are you guys wise investments of yester year or future wise investments?

Let it Grow

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Walla Walla, WA
I think my Yellow Pages ad will be a very wise investment for me. Also, all the time I spend on this site is a VERY wise investment!


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Kansas City, MO
My best investment for my service has been time invested in prayer! In all honesty! God has truly blessed me with the resources I need and the knowledge I need to be successful. When it comes down to it, when I die, I won't take my mowers with me. And so I work dilligently right now and keep my business in the Lord's hands so that when I stand before him, I will know that I managed the business he gave to me for his glory. That is my greatest investment.


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sometimes i really wonder about people.... ^^

best investment last year? a combination of the research and information here @ LS, which permitted me to make smart business decisions like my echo blower, gopher, advertising signs, etc.

this coming year my biggest investment will be a truck, all things permittin a gravely 260z


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st pete, FL
My house, yellow page add, exmark mower, and enclosed trailer. In that order, partially because I didnt receive the trailer yet.