What is your BEST way of adversiting? heres mine....

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. georgialawn88

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    it may take illitle time but the oercentage is great. In febuary because its a slow month i have time to go door to door with door hangers. on these door hangers i get printed up there is a place that says

    your price per visit


    If i hump it on a 10 hr day i can do 500 . (houses are fairly close 10k sq ft. yards and under) i get atleast 2.5 % back throughout the yr. fast way to grow your business imho. yes takes time but in 4 days i can get out 2k and get lots of customers. some do not have time for this its just feb is my down month.

    Thats my favortie tactic. whats yours?:drinkup:
  2. WillisLawnCare

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    And what if someone's price is 5 bucks?

    Not being facetious just seriously asking. Do you cut everyone's yard at the price th specify?
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  3. georgialawn88

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    huh? what now? i put the price that i would do the service for on the door hanger. price per visit is..... and no i dont cut grass treat grass. no cutting for me. im just not sure i understand your question. i put price per visit. thats the price they pay every 6 weeks....
  4. georgialawn88

    georgialawn88 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i dont do 5.00 yards.....
  5. WillisLawnCare

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    Oh, okay I misunderstood then. I thought that line separating the content of your post was a line the client could write on.

    As in

    "Your Price per Visit:


    and you let THE CLIENT fill it in for their first visit.

    Makes more sense now, I tried to word my post to where it didn't come off as facetious or anything like that. I genuinely didn't understand.

    I have thought of doing this, also, but what if someone is outside at the time you're hanging. Do they get aggravated that you're there or is that perfect time for a pitch?

    What's your opinion on EDDM? What's your ROI if you've ever done EDDM?
  6. sharperimagelawns

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    That's a good idea, putting the price on the advertisement. I think trugreen does something similar to that. Anyway, I have wondered the same thing about doorhangers. Do people get mad if they are home when you do it? Especially if you have other people distributing them for you who arnt in a position to really talk to the customer???
  7. sharperimagelawns

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    Also, I am in the process of doing an eddm campaign for the first time so I don't have any info on the roi. But from what I can tell it seems like a pretty good option for guys like myself who have a pretty low advertising budget. You can get a decent number of pieces mailed for just a couple hundred bucks. And if you shop around you can get the pieces made for a couple hundred as well. Price is my reason for going with eddm.
  8. Curcioslawn

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    My in laws own a pizzeria an I made up flyers an had there waitresses put them on the boxes I ended up with 27 new accounts in 2 months that was by far the best thing I did. Plus it was free
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  9. corey4671

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    pretty simple

    mow 90210 a.jpg
  10. exmarkking

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    I was taught to never put prices on things, because you want to be able to sale it to them in person. When they see you pull up in a professional rig, dressed nice, speak well with knowledge, you'll get more customers. clearly you say you pick up customers this way, so there isn't anything wrong with this method, but I tend to go after customers that want quality, knowledgable people with a good price, not just a customer who is only concerned with the dollar amount.
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