What is your BEST way of adversiting? heres mine....

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. nickslawnltd

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    I have debated this method myself, I have found some people have not called us for a price thinking we were too expensive and have gone with another provider at a lower cost but wouldn't mind spending more for a quality full service provider.

    With this method it would be like leaving a quote and they would see sometimes its not that much more and may generate some more leads. The only thing I'm torn on is we are in a smaller community and I'm afraid it would seem maybe a little too aggressive and turn people off
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    No offense, but leaving prices on flyers is a terrible idea. Your automatically putting yourself in a different category in the consumers mind, than the company that they are truly interested in and take the time to call themselves. Your limiting your income, your chances of selling additional services and for most higher end clients, your automatically setting a lower standard for your company in their eyes....

    You may gain clients this way, but are they the type of clients your really want??
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    U want to sale yourself, and the services u offer. When they see you in person, it changes everything because they can listen to you and hear that u know what your talking about. They can see you, and feel comfortable that your not some rapist. Also it's a good time for you to get an idea of how this potential customer is. I have came across so many customers that I wouldn't dare work for no matter how much money.
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  4. wbw

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    Do what works for you. There are many different business models that can be successful.

    The OP told what works for him...what actually works...
    It was generous of him to share. Just because you hope to service the Mercedes market doesn't mean he can't make a nice living servicing the Toyota market. I make six figures servicing the Toyota market.
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  5. inzane

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    yeah, i bet.. i think thats the customers i've been getting latley. :waving:

  6. newguy123

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    I think posting with price is perfectly acceptable in most communities. It may not work in areas with $1 million plus homes, but in neighborhoods $300-500K or even less, I think that's perfectly fine.

    Obviously every market and population density is a factor to consider.
  7. Blade Runners

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    Have you actually used the OPs method of advertising?
  8. georgialawn88

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    yes they are the type of clients i really want. the ones that pay and make me money.... i didn't make this thread up so everyone could give me their opinion on what I'm doing. i already know it works. the post was for your advertising tactics. i just said what my favorite was. i do this in nice areas. I'm getting 2.5% and its not even the best the to do it. I'm asking what falls tactics are. your favorite.....
  9. Will P.C.

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    Many customers have 0 interest in talking to the guy that sprays weeds or cuts grass. I sure as hell don't need to face to face time with the guy wanting to spray weeds.

    Often times if you have to really jump through hoops to get a 50 dollar service and keep pounding away, it probably isn't worth the effort.
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    One of my favorite things on earth is getting monthly checks from people I've never met and whose houses I've never seen.

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