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What is your cost??

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What is the most effecient services you offer on Your behalf?? i.e: What costs the least for you to do??
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applications, by far
Properties where we are hired to be the "gardener". Meaning a kid or the owner mows the grass and we do everythng else. (trimming, edging, flower/shrub fert, weed control, insect/fungus control, flower deadheading etc). We have a number of these type accounts and they are the most profitable per manhour of anything we do. We do these on a time and materials basis. Customers love the service, the "man" of the house gets to use his John Deere, and the property gets the "manicured" look. It's a service we actually advertise and has gone over very well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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