What is your definition of spring cleanup?Help.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by N.H.BOY, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Just a ? from a new guy here. I was wondering what exactly is your definition
    of "spring clean ups" Is it cleaning up the yard or rakeing or what? I do realize the price is different than the normal mow, but is the price usaully double from the mow price? Please help. Thank you in advance. :drinkup:
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    NH Boy- When we clean-up in spring, we will pass a machine first with the JRCO rake on the front to lift the embedded sticks, leaves, etc. While one man is doing that, the others will start blowing out the flower beds into the lawn. For the larger areas, we use the Little Wonder push blowers. When the property is cleaned off, one man will cut the lawn with the grass catcher on to pick up anything we missed and make pretty stripes. The others will spade edge and cultivate the soil in the beds, and if the timing is right, put down the Pre-M on the lawn.
    Like anthing else, there are lots of variables involved as to what you should charge.
    Your price should be much more than double a mowing. This is dirty, hard work in sometimes nasty weather, so charge accordingly. Work out your expenses, salary you want for yourself, plus a profit, and go from there. You can break it down per week, per day, per hour, even per minute. Don't go by what eeryone else says you should charge. Good luck
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    Spring Clean Up
    first de-weed all of property beds
    power rake(blow) bulk leaves in piles remove
    all shack leaves will be bagged when mowed
    then clean curb lines edge every border/curb lines use edger/flat shovel
    mow the property/weedwack/
    then seed if customer interested
    power rake all of property

    doing an extra good jod is key..the cleaner it is the best it will work out for the rest of the season,time wise. payup

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