What is your experience with the RB ESP SMT and what help do you need?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Sep 11, 2011.


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    I prefer the RB ESPSMT over the smartline mainly because it takes pigtails much easier. It did do very well relative to other smart controllers in a TAMU study with the initial setting.
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    What if you gave a thread and no one showed up? You'd think folks here were just laying for visitors. Next time leave your green light on.


    Not only that, the Jets came from behind and beat Dallas :p

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    Maybe the air has been so poisoned my feeble attempt at renewing valuable information will be another lost cause in a long history of forum lost causes.
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    My experience with the SMT is minimal and I need help buying a new pair of work boots.

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    I like the esp over the smartline.

    I have had an epiphany lately and Hunter has pissed me off with their shittty solar sync piece of crap. Tried the smartline, and I like it better than hunter. Actually, I really like their installation kit... wall mount is super easy... even drywall anchors... and 9 volt battery comes with it. Why the hell doesn't everyone else have a $2 9 volt battery? BUT not being able to check volatage with meter just feels wrong. And they may be smart, but nothing like the ESP. ESP is the next thing coming.... and its CHEAP!

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