What is your firewood set-up?


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My splitter goes to the log pile when it's time. I split right there and stack them nearby onto pallets against a fence. I don't cover my wood as I feel that makes things worse unless it's in an actual building. I let the natural rain/wind season it, then when it's ready I move it to the barn. I typically set 4 or 5 cords in the barn to have ready for winter, then as I use the supply I will move more in.

I only heat the shop, but even that takes a fair amount of wood.

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Thanks! When you say you don't stack firewood that you're selling, do you mean you pile it instead? Good point about the gravel, I'm thinking we might throw down some larger stones if we can find it and put pallets on top, and then firewood on top of that.
I try to keep firewood sold ahead and not spilt it until it’s going out. Then I split it and throw it directly on the truck. If I’m splitting ahead I just let it fall off the end of the splitter and don’t touch it again until it’s loaded. Stacking isn’t necessary, thats a lot of work. The wood I heat my house with gets stacked under cover for 2 years.