What is your oldest piece of equipment you still use semi/regularly?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Nutsedge, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. JB1

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    does the wife count?
  2. jsslawncare

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    Yes. They've made a little bit of money for me.
  3. gcbailey

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    two of them have been in the family since they were purchased.... I'm 32, IH sold the garden tractor/mower lineup to MTD the year I was born.
  4. gcbailey

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    it doesn't take as much to keep an old tractor running as it does a new one. I purchased a '49 FA Cub from the original owner... He *thought* he changed the oil in it twice, and the magneto on it once. The fluids in the final drives were the consistency of grease, not oil.
  5. Nutsedge

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    Yep that's the thing about older engines/equipment. Their tolerances were nowhere near as exact as the newer stuff. And because of this, could get by with sludge oil lubricating them. I had a guy drop off a 15 yr old MTD with a quantum Briggs motor on it that took me 45 minutes to change the oil because it was the consistency of Elmer's glue. I thought that after I fired it up after filling it with synthetic Rotala it might start gushing!

    It's a double edge sword really. The newer stuff performs an unbelievable amount better with smaller displacement/is much more efficient/much much cleaner burning. But they do demand proper maintenance with the proper fluids.
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  6. eatonpcat

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    Have to agree...Not much to keeping the old tractor up and running! Remember to turn of the gas and she starts right up.

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