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what is your opinion of this start up package?


LawnSite Member
Just starting up went and got licenses and purchased equipment after shopping for a few weeks and purchasing insurance,business cards and other paper work items this week. the shop dealer should have every togather this week(waiting on the trailer)weedeaters racks being installed whats your opinions on the equipment package I finally settled on

6x12 triplecrown-single axle- open
Scag Zcat 36" zero turn 19hp kawa
21" Troybuilt selfpropelled-bagger 6.5hp
echo 260 weedeater
echo 230 edger
echo 620 backpack blower
echo 231 hedgetrimmer 40"

plus throwing in line,oils, and blades.



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That's more and better than I started with...

Do you have the accounts to Justify.

What I mean is that when I started, I didn't have much money so I built up untill I could afford better equiptment

Best of luck to you

29 Palms Property Management

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North Florida
I think it's a good start up package. Alot better then what I had to start with, just like bohiaa said. Had to keep plugging away at getting accounts built up and established before I was able to get where I wanted to equipment wise. Good luck to you. Have you done any advertising yet? Any accounts?

Lawn Masters

LawnSite Senior Member
Hudson Florida
Thats a VERY good package to start with. I had $20K when I started, so I got a decent used truck, some decent shape older machines, and am in the process of buying a second rig for a second crew now. I hope you go far with your equipment, you've got a GREAT start with insurance, and licensing from the start, so thats a BIG plus for you.


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I would also agree it is very nice but I would HIGHLY recommend getting a bigger deck mower such as a 48", the price won't be much different but you'll get a LOT more done with it in the same time.
Only thing at this point is if the 48" is a fixed deck, maybe check into a 44" floater because to LEARN to operate a large deck mower, the float is more forgiving of your mistakes. In the end, however, the fixed deck is the better machine (faster and lighter).
Still, I would never buy and never even in my first year would've settled for anything smaller than a 44", every inch of path you lose is time wasted in the end (and fuel).
I find the 48" is the most versatile of them all, it is the LARGEST mower that will still fit through MOST gated fences (unless it's a 3-foot gate, and there are not that many of them to justify the MUCH smaller deck). I don't even have a 21" (never have had one, never will), and I cut every single yard with the 48" and it is my dream machine.

Another way to say it is the difference between a 3-foot deck and a 4-foot deck is not just 25 percent but a whole FOOT - Every 4 of your passes I get cut in 3 passes, if it takes you 20 minutes to cut the grass, I'm done in 15. With 10 yards a day I'm almost a whole hour ahead of the 36" and this translates into a 5-10 percent raise for free and I need all the money I can get!

Also, consider a used Wb instead of a new one, you'll save 2-3 grand while you learn how NOT to make mistakes with it, but that's just a thought.
Don't go broke, please tell me you're paying for it all in cash or have the money to pay for it and the loan is NO interest for the main reason so you can keep float.

Team Gopher

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Hi JWinFL,

If you have the funding to purchase all this equipment well good for you! It is nice to have good equipment from the start.
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Thanks to everyone who replied, the reason I went with a 36" deck was all the advice I was getting from the shops I visited kept saying go with a 36" for the back yard gates and you can always add a another bigger machine later because of the extra space on the 6x12 trailer,well going for the rider Scag zcat I liked it so you sit and not have walk the lawn like with a regular walk behind. was almost went with a Wright 36" stander, Demo'ed both Just liked the Scag zcat better, as just started advertising this week, no did not finance paid cash so I did not worry about monthly payments(there go's buying the big screen plasma for a awhile) :D


LawnSite Gold Member
That is a nice dang package. Like others said a lot better than what I started with and actually about as good as I have now. I would also recommend a 48 deck size. I have not encountered but a few gates that my old 48 would not fit. Now the 60 is another story. I have a old JD Sabre that I use on any gate I cant get thru, picked it up cheap. Good luck to you, especially starting in the fall with uncertain gas prices and grass season slowing down. Do you already have some accounts?