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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gslam88, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. gslam88

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    I have a question, but let me give you some back ground...


    I started a part time biz almost 2 years ago, a little trucking, a little hardscaping, had a good job, but got laid off june of this year .... found a job for a liitle while nov and dec this year... however in the 2 moths that I worked there made $350, got a piece of equipment that I needed and they still owe me $150... so I left..... could not survive on that....

    So I started to plow this season with my own truck, replaced my s-10 with 145k on it... with a K2500 diesel with plow... that is also just 3 weeks before being laid off... I also have an Internaional 4900 dump truck

    Well trying to cut costs I put my International Dump truck up for sale... after several months someone might buy it...

    so here is my dilema, I know in the spring that I will be busy at a local yard doing deliveries for the guys... I did some work for him last year... I am pretty sure that its about 6 weeks with about $500 day gross ... and that is with out the new customers that I built this year... just think that I do not have enoug customer right now to survive.. .less than 20 total currently.

    What is everyones opion, should I hold on to the truck and wait the 2 or 3 months and go full bore with it and try and make a living or sell the truck and look for something else....


  2. Send me some pics of the truck.....

    I read the post, how bad do you need money...?

    This is one you will have to figure out on your own. Hard situation.

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    Maybe LGF read something I didn't, but I really don't understand what this guy is asking????
  4. Richard Martin

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    If the truck is paid for, it's in relatively good shape, you enjoy driving it and you can get work for the truck I would stick with the truck.

    If money is a little short right now you can call your creditors and explain your situation to them. Most of them are more than willing to help you out rather than resort to drastic solutions.
  5. rodfather

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    Personally, I would hold out until the Spring if you feel you will be busy again. Sounds like if you sell it now, you'll be kicking yourself later on when the phone starts to ring.
  6. gslam88

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    The truck is not paid for an I still owe money to the bank on it

    I have attached a pic of the truck

    I am starting to lean toward keeping the truck as I will not be able financially.... it might be easier to hold on to it for now....


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  7. 65hoss

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    You have made it this far, I would hold on a little while longer. You may even find some mulching jobs real soon that you could use the dump for. Start advertising, you may find a way to at least cover the expenses on it for the current time.
  8. lawncare3

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    Can someone PLEASE tell me what this post was about?
  9. boohoo

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    OPRAY WINFREY or is it DR. PHIL. What if DR. Phil and Oprah were actually the same person. Scary what is on TV when you have little to do over winter. :)
  10. Acorn

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    Funny how this post was on the plowsite as well and everyone knew what the guy was talking about. Are there more kids here that still live at home and don't know what it takes to get through a winter without mom and dad paying the mortgage,taxes and food

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