what is your seeding guarentee?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 30, 2004.

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    well once again, i'm into it with a client. i seeded a hillside, aerated it, put a special soil down, seeded it, and put burlap over top of it. grew great, but, when i removed the burlap, some turf came up with it. huge improvement, but a few bare spots. i'm supposed to be paid when job is done, but she wasn't home, so i kinda didn't pursue it, just sent bill with monthly maint bill. she is refusing to pay bill, stating she expected it to look "alot better". she now tells me "this is what i want you to do: put down more seed, tamp it, and put cheesecloth over top of it." i laughed and said we don't take suggestions. i told her point blank her bill is due, as well as her maint bill. she says she wont pay unless i do as she asks. funny, i got a prepaid fert program already in the bank. i can't lose. what would you do?
  2. tiedeman

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    Couple of ways to do it:

    1. I would tell her, if she pays the bill then you will go back over and just seed it, nothing else (free labor and free seed, no charge to her) But if she does not pay, then you will hold onto the prepaid fert program and not do the fertilizer applications until paid

    2. Just tell her you will overseed it for free and nothing else. Anything else would be extra.

    3. Tell her that you don't guarantee seed because you are not there watering and maintaining all the time. If she refuses to pay, tell her then you are taking it out of her prepaid fertilization, and will only do applications for the remaining amount left in the prepaid after taking it out for the bill
  3. rmartin

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    i never guarantee seeding. I am not there to babysit the customer to make sure they give the correct care. I will always leave extra seed for them to use later on. The most cost affective way for me to seed is the application of hydroseed. Its cheap and it is pretty fool proof as long as its kept wet It costs me 3 cents a square foot. they pay .15 a sf.
  4. walker-talker

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    How big are the bare spots? Will they fill in once the grass gets to growing...I mean say over a years time. I usually tell customers that there are bound to be some bare spots and that is why I am leaving extra seed for you. To be honest, sounds like it was your fault that the bare spots are there from you pulling up the burlap. I would not take her suggestion, unless you feel that it is the appropriate one to take.
  5. NCSULandscaper

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    Why did you use burlap instead of straw woven netting or jute material that will decompose. Then you wont have bare spots because you dont have to remove it. Sounds like you need to fix the problem because of a bad choice in materials used.
  6. CT18fireman

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    Funny, I remember a poll a couple days ago where you said, "After you get crabgrass I will come in and spray it!" Well why the burlap then. Heck, why were you seeding? This is why you use straw when seeding. I breaks down and when finally mown nothing is left. You caused the bare spots so you should fix them.

    Why did you aerate and then put "special soil" down? If I were the customer I would have lots of questions.

    To answer the question, we never guarantee lawns. We do however come back and overseed 4-5 weeks after with all installs. Remember it takes a lawn at least a season to grow in well. All the things should be in your contract. Along with a watering statement to the customer.
  7. Runner

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    We guarantee all seeding that is irrigated. We hit it hard, and fertilize it twice. It's all included in the price. It's a little more expensive than other companies, but we get the results.
  8. mtdman

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    I gaurantee if they pay me, I'll be putting down grass seed.
  9. TClawn

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    I dont guarantee seeding if it is not fertilized and on an irrigation system.
  10. impactlandscaping

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    I guarantee our hydroseed only if we do the aftercare as well. If not, they are on their own. We provide sprinklers and care sheets / watering schedules to our customers. If they don't want us to take care of it after we are done, it's in their hands.FWIW, we did a hydro job for a guy down the road from me, so we go by at least 4 times a day...saw him standing in the yard HOLDING the oscillating sprinkler in his HAND using it like a water wand..that's why we dont give a guarantee if we don't do the follow up care.....

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