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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by wildstarblazer, May 15, 2008.

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    I see all these new developements going up around my area. Do these developers already have scapers lined up to do the installs? Can a small company walk up to the property and have a chance to get the job to landscape the site? Do they expect lots of insurance and bonds etc..? Any input?
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    We do alot of commercial work in our area. To answer some of your questions usually developers will bid the job a year or two out before the project starts and already have a landscaper in place. But it never hurts to ask you never know. My experience with big commercial/developments is the landscaper is the last in line so you really need to stay on top of the GC so he remmembers you when jobs come out to bid. It took us nearly two years to land some of our jobs. So it will take commitment on your end to prove to them you want the job. To answer your second question it depends on how small you are if you are one guy and a truck then chances are they will not hire you. The majority of developers want the job done as quick as possible and it plays a big role in who they choose. Insurance depends on who you are doing the work for some whant only a mill others 2mill it depends. Commercial can be good money but it also can run you in the ground financialy. Be prepaird to be the bank sometimes. Most of commercial installs only allow you to draw once a month so it can be touch&go sometimes. But once you are in with a developer you can gaurentee work for sometime. One thing we did to get our foot in the door was we approached the GC and told him we had extra trees(which we didnt) and that we would sell them at cost and landscape around there job trailer. It worked and got us in the door. Good luck!
  3. wildstarblazer

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    Thanks for reply. That's why I like residential work. So much simpler.
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    If it is a neighborhood then usually the developer will just get the lots ready for the builders and then there may be multiple builders in one development.

    Some are as YVI described.

    Be careful here in Ga because of the volatile state of the building industry and new home sales.
    Many developments being planned years in advance and precede the collapse in the building industry.

    Most builders always need a new sub.There is not much loyalty.
    Expect too work for a reduced rate and be prepared too wait on getting paid.
    Place cards in the Permit box out front or just ask for were the Super is and introduce yourself.

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