What keeps your *ss planted???

Discussion in 'ProLockers' started by SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES, Jun 11, 2006.


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    I have a question about installing prolockers. I am very interested in them, but have a question. If i use it to secure my tiger cubs front caster, what keeps the back end of the mower from bouning around and not being secure. right now I have been taking two straps and pulling from opposite ends to secure my mower. what have you found? thanks
  2. rodneyskip

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    I use one for my 757. THe only bounce I get is over some rough RR tracks at 60 mph. But it is not much. If you have a tandem axle trailer I would assume it would be even less.

    The pro-locker does save a lot of time and headache though. Many other LCO's look at mine and so have a few stores.

    I can say that I am happy and worry free.
  3. Gumby

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    I've been using prolockers this season and have found that the back end of
    my ztr doesn't move much at all. I originally thought that I would have to strap down the back end of the mower if it crept around the trailer, but it pretty much stays planted where I park it....and I do have a couple of really bumpy railroad crossings that I bounce over each week.

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